Transforming Silver Diner's Outdoor Space with Pergola Roof's Lift & Slide Doors - Maryland


When it comes to creating the perfect dining atmosphere, Silver Diner understands that details make all the difference. Nestled in the heart of National Harbor, this iconic establishment wanted to make a dining experience that’s as delectable as their menu. This is where we come in.

Introducing Blackstone Steakhouse's Dynamic Sunroom with Guillotine Windows - New york


Hey foodies and atmosphere aficionados!  Imagine savoring the finest steak while basking in natural sunlight or enjoying a starlit dinner, all without leaving your table. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, Blackstone Steakhouse and Pergola Roof have made it a reality in Long Island!

Retractable Pergola for Casa Cipriani - New York


The main challenge of this project was to install the pergola in a way that would not damage the historic building. The pergola was installed using a minimally invasive method that caused minimal disruption to the building. The pergola is a perfect example of how modern design can be used to complement and enhance historic architecture.

Fogo De Chao - National Harbor - md

march 2023

Introducing our cutting-edge Louvered Roof project at Fogo de Chao - National Harbor in Maryland! This innovative addition provides the perfect blend of style and functionality, allowing guests to enjoy the open-air ambiance or shelter from the elements with adjustable louvers. 

Virgin hotel - New York - NY

April 2022

Behold the awe-inspiring Louvered Roof project, adorning none other than the prestigious VIRGIN HOTEL in the heart of New York! Our innovative creation merges architectural brilliance with functionality, offering a versatile and inviting space for the hotel's esteemed guests.

Glass Ceiling - New York - NY

april 2022

The Sunroom at Glass Ceiling is more than just a room – it's an invigorating sanctuary where guests can immerse themselves in the city's vibrant energy while finding their own moments of tranquility and motivation. Unlock the true potential of New York's allure with our inspiring Sunroom at Glass Ceiling.

Air Restaurant and Lounge, Washington D.c.
November 2022

With Air’s growing popularity, the owner was looking for a way to increase his square footage and provide a VIP area for specially invited guests. With that in mind he turned to Pergola Roof to give him the extra space he needed.

Mayflower Club, Washington D.c.

August 2022

“The idea was really to make our presence known. I mean there’s other venues here, but nothing really stands out in any of them and nothing really stood out here. By installing the pergola, we have all that added space that people will get from any angle”

SOcial Throw - kickaxe, washington dc

september 2022

"We've had zero problems with the pergola on the roof since it's been installed. It has come in handy and has definitely expanded our ability for business, giving us added square footage"

Gould, Westport CT
September 2022

“Fortunately enough, we have an amazing designer, and we were wondering what to do in our backyard as we were looking for some sun cover and a good place to lounge, and he brought over the brochure for Pergola Roof and we were blown away by it”

Water Gap Wellness INN, Delaware Water Gap PA

May 2022

“We have hot yoga in here, we have yoga in here, we do acupuncture in here, we do massage in here, we do meditation in here. So it's just a great space for people to come and just redefine themselves”

Alfageme, westport CT
November 2021

"My guests skip the living room and go right into the pergola"


Friedman, Pittston PA
July 2022

Basically, I have a 12-month facility here that I can utilize, which makes me extremely excited”

Pierson, Short Hills NJ
October 2020

"Everybody that comes over loves it!"


Sukkah, Suffern NY
June 2022

"We were researching a pergola for Sukkah for a long time...We love the manual cranking feature"


Giacopelli, Chatham NJ
July 2022

“All the options they have, the customization. As you can see the wood look which I really love, the lighting that's involved. Everything about it is really great. We've had a great experience from start to finish”

Maddali, Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ
November 2022

So far we've been having a lot of fun and enjoyment outside spending time, especially when it gets very hot certain times of the day. At night it gives light and extra room to spend time and have dinner which we never used to do"

Glass Ceiling Nomad, New york NY
APRIL 2021

"Its got built in lighting, its got operable glass skylights that enclose towards the center...100% recommend it, its an amazing system"

Goldman, DEAL NJ
September 2019

“Perfect multi-purpose enclosure solution for our backyard.”

Edelstein, Lawrence NY
November 2021

“The best Sukkah set up."

Spilka, Lynbrook NY
APRIL 2021

“It's really a great investment in your home, your garden, your family. It's something Im just so happy to have”

September 2019

“Perfect multi-purpose enclosure solution for our terrace.”


“Adding a pergola changed the way we use our patio. It’s become an extension of our house and the ability to turn into a sukkah is an extension of that convenience. Our sukkah was so comfortable and easy and I’m so happy we found this product.”

APRIL 2021

“It adds a value to your house”



“It is the extension that turned around the utilization of the space 180 degrees.”

APRIL 2021

“It’s also a great feature in the winter time. When you don’t want to stay inside the house you can come out here and you get the feeling that you’re outside and still you’re under a normal temperature. You’re not freezing.”

JUNE 2022

“It’s a lot of value. I feel like it adds value to your building. Aside from being something that’s just a great thing to have, whether you’re in a house or building.”


sheenoo, Irvington NY
February 2022

“Definitely the room we never had.”

Elsie rooftop, nyc Ny
july 2020

“This skylight enclosure area of the terrace is our guests’ most favorite part in the entire rooftop. It offers a panoramic view of the midtown skyline.”

Newhouse, Lakewood nj
september 2021

“The pergola was installed in time right before the Holiday. We love how it came out.”


La Campania, staten Island NY
October 2021

“The pergola is perfect, because it brought the whole idea of indoor/outdoor. You can sit under the pergola when it rains with no problem and plus the atmosphere from the rooftop is now just perfect”

Aspetuck Valley Country Club, Weston CT
september 2021

“With the previous system we could only use the terrace up to November beginning of December. Now we can use it all year long. It’s comfortable 12 months out of the year.”

Tawil, Long Branch NJ
april 2022

“We use it in the mornings for yoga. When it was first completed it was a bit cold outside, we turned on the heat, closed the doors and we were doing hot yoga.”


Scott, fairfield ct
june 2021

“We’ve had two significant storms. We were nervous about it. We could not believe, we woke up in the morning and not a drop of water.”

Eitan, queens ny
september 2021

“It made it right in time for the Sukkot. We loved the shades on all four sides“

friedman, lakewood nj
june 2022

“We had a dinner party here and everyone was extremely impressed with the whole pergola we have here. Really. Very impressive“


MAY 2021

“Early in the morning, late at night, rainstorm, or cold we are outside enjoying this extra room that we didn’t have. ”

August 2021

“The crew that comes they are well mannered, hard working and their precise in their measurements and in their activity”

june 2021

“My whole experience working with a pergola roof has been amazing... With your feedback we were able to put this together... highly recommend you guys ”


MATHEW, new hyde park ny
july 2021

“Many people want an outdoor pergola so this can be used as an open pergola. When you close it, it’s an enclosed covered patio, when you enclose the shades it’s a closed room”

steinberg, Fallsburg NY
june 2022

“The best sukkah setup ever”

Homeowner, DEAL NJ
september 2021

“My daughter comes in here when she wants privacy to play her guitar.....detached from the house she has her own private studio”


ross, scarsdale ny
april 2021

“Every element was specifically designed for this space, and measured and installed with extreme precision”

samid hussain, manhattan ny
march 2022

“You guys have a great product, a great team, great vision and I think you have a very bright future ”

don cheech, staten island ny
april 2022

“It's a new toy that I have. Somebody comes in to book a party..they know that they want to be outside but the weather is never perfect for you. So I go to my little remote control and I show them I can open up the roof, I can close the roof, I can open it up halfway, windows up and down. However they want. It's perfect.”