Motorized pergola with a manual option is a superb Sukkah application. The structure does not require installing and taking it down every year. In fact, it provides protection against all elements and extends the use of your outdoor space all year round. The system is Shabbat Friendly and can be linked to smart devices for scheduled/timer triggered automation.


We were researching for a pergola for Sukkot for a long time...We love the manual cranking feature.

— Nathan B.

  As the fall seasons approach, the Jewish community annually celebrate an 8 day holiday called Sukkot, where they follow the biblical commandment to eat, drink, and lounge outdoors under a temporary hut-like structure.

Pergola Roof’s retractable pergola features dimmable LED lights that are built into the roof, a motorized roof, as well as the ability to add a manual crank for those observing the Jewish holiday of Sukkot or the Sabbath. The versatility of the retractable pergola allows for it to be used automatically during the week, and manually on the days where the Jewish community is not permitted to use any electronics.


 Retractable motorized pergola with manual capability used as a Sukkah application. The setup includes screen walls to fully enclose the patio/deck. Also includes matching color brackets for wooden slats. 


Linear Series

P1 (Max Projection - 32')

P2 (Max Projection - 16')

P4 (Max Projection - 32')

Arc Series

A1 (Max Projection - 24')

A2 (Max Projection - 12')

A4 (Max Projection - 24')


All Seasons
Dimmable LED lights
Blackout or translucent
Remote controlled
Resists bad weather


Fabric / Composite

Soltis Proof 502 by Serge Ferrari is a highly durable, dimensionally stable material with a 5 year warranty. This easy maintenance waterproof material protects against bad weather and UV and offers exceptional dirt and mold resistance due to its PVDF surface.

  value standards
weight 16.8 oz/yd2 EN ISO 2286-2
width 70.9 in  
standard format length 43.7 yds  
tensile strength (warp/weft) 200/200 daN/ 5 cm EN ISO 1421
tear strength (warp/weft) 20/20 daN DIN 53.363
flame retardancy METHOD 1 & 2/ NFPA 701 CSFM T19 CLASS A/ ASTM E84  
warranty 5 years  





The structure is made of thick (2.5 ~ 3mm) aluminum which is powder coated for long lasting.

9016 White

7016 Anthracite

9006 Aluminum

8017 Chocolate Brown

9005 Jet Black

9001 Cream

And many more RAL colors and wood finishes to choose from...

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